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Love the venue, HATE the carpet

Hi everyone,
I have read a few other discussions regarding carpet but I need help. I LOVE everything about the venue but it won't go with my pale blush and champagne palette. Should i change my colors? The venue is a timeless country club and I love the rich tones and the wood but the carpet is green, cream and burnt orange and brownish. It is fitting to the venue when they have their chairs in there but I will have chiavari chairs of course and different colors.

Should A) find another venue B) try to go with colors that are richer and darker, like eggplants, mauve and navy or sage. The location has another ballroom with nicer carpet but it doesn't have the floor to ceiling windows and views of the golf course.


Re: Love the venue, HATE the carpet

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    my 2 cents...

    if you looked at 5 other venues and you picked this one because it was the best, you saw the carpet when you visited. When the room is decorated with tables and chairs it'll cover most of the carpet, no? You'll have a dance floor in the middle which breaks up the carpet, I'm assuming. You'll be taking your professional pictures outside, or a little more scenic, and most pictures won't include the carpet. 

    Most brides pick a place because its "perfect" or its better than the rest. Stand in your truth that you picked the right place to have your wedding. All that matters is that your loved ones celebrate you and your husband on your wedding day. :)
  • Trust me, no one is going to be looking at the carpet.
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