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Hiring a 6-piece band in the MGM Balcony Suite

So this is a crazy idea and I don't even know if I'm gonna do it or if it's worth the hassle. BUT, there is this amazing pop band (with a string and horn section) that plays pop covers. I was thinking of hiring a scaled down version (so instead of 14 just 6 people) and having them play at my wedding for a couple hours. While this would be awesome, CAN I do this? They would have to play on the balcony and I don't know if there are noise ordinances or if they have to get special clearance. This would also be waaaay out of the wedding budget. It would be awesome, but I'm just curious if it would even work. My wedding is in a month and a half away - eek!

Re: Hiring a 6-piece band in the MGM Balcony Suite

  • You should call the hotel and ask if such an event would be permitted by them formally.  I'd be very surprised if they say yes but you never know; perhaps they have a balcony that is isolated from the others.

    Assuming the answer is no, I don't think I'd risk that on an in-suite.  A live band can be very loud, and if it's not music other people on other balconies want to hear, you're likely to have them shut down very quickly, then you've wasted your money.

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  • You're right. It sounded pretty far-fetched to begin with. As awesome as it would be, I don't know if I can justify it given the venue. I DO have the option to see them play at a Goodwill function on Oct 2, so I might do that. I'm not sure :-/
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