Seamstress recommendations in Central CT?

Hi - I am seeking a recommendation for a very experienced wedding dress seamstress, preferably near the central CT area.  I did not purchase my dress in a bridal salon so I must use an independent seamstress.

Thank you in advance!

Re: Seamstress recommendations in Central CT?

  • I plan to use Campus Tailoring on William Street in Middletown. The seamstress is this little old Italian lady named Albina. I recently had her hem a dress I'm wearing as a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, and I was really impressed with the quality of her work - so will definitely be taking my wedding gown to her.

    She charged $50 for the hem, it was 3 layers of fabric. She had it done within 3 weeks.

    The only potential downfall are her hours, I guess. Her shop is open from 9:00(ish) to 5:00 during the week, and for a few hours on Saturday (till noon maybe?). Luckily my job is understanding and they let me come in late/leave early if I need to.
  • bridal bells in berlin you dont have to buy the dress from her to alter it she will do outside alterations for you and she is very reasonable 

  • @hyechica81...that's where I got my dress! She's the sweetest lady! Still waiting for it to come in, but I've read so many reviews on what a good job they do there
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