Affordable Wedding Venues in Columbus, Ohio


I'm looking for a venue in Columbus, Ohio that you can bring in your own alcohol and a caterer? Any suggestions would be helpful. I am going to have around 200-250 people.


Re: Affordable Wedding Venues in Columbus, Ohio

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    I am going to see the Old Blue Rooster venues today and Hoover YMCA Park venues tomorrow. Neither offer any kind of catering/cake/etc package. OBR is $1000 for a Sat night (5pm-12am) and YMCA most expensive venue is $125/hour.

    ETA: the OBR $1000 is the price for their shelter house. They are building a barn currently. Not sure the capacity though.

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    This is an international board. You'll likely have more luck on your local board. Would you like me to move this for you?
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    Yes please! This is all new to me so I wasn't sure how to post locally. 

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    I'm on it!
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