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Quaker certificate signed on the wrong side!!!!

Hi All,

So, we had a self-uniting ceremony (legal in my state) and had a certificate custom made by a calligrapher.  The point of the certificate is to have everyone sign as witness and we put alot of thought into the wording, design, and of it.  it was very special to us. 
Now I've found out that my day-of wedding planner put the certificate out upside down- all the guests names are mish mashed all over the wrong side of the beautiful certificate (that had lines for thesignatures). 
First, i'm compltetely crushed about the certificate.  We left the borders blank so that we could have artwork added on our one year.  this would have been something to have framed and hang in the house. 
Second, I'm incensed by the day-of lady.  She was terrible, unhelpful, aloof, etc, but this error is a lasting one. 
What can I, should I do? 

Re: Quaker certificate signed on the wrong side!!!!

  • I think you could still do something about it.  You could either scan or take a photo of the back of the certificate, then use photoshop to touch up the levels/contrast so that you can't see any of the front side of the paper showing through.  You could then print the image out onto nice paper that matches your certificate and either leave it with the printer ink or have a caligrapher go back over it with real ink.  You could also have the same caligrapher who designed it try to incorporate a border or decorations/illustrations around the added-on section.  Then you could neatly line up the old paper (above) and new paper (below) and have them matted and framed together. Another option would be framing the original (front side forward) and the scanned and printed copy of the back in the same frames and hanging them side by side.  I think that using the same paper and incorporating elements of the original (eg the border) you could definitely incorporate it with the originial and have it be a beatiful and meanigful display in your home.  
    In time it will hopefully be less of a disappointment and more of an interesting family story that will make you remember your wonderful wedding day surrounded by loved ones each time you tell the story!
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