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MOH times 2?! help!

I was the MOH for my closest cousins wedding. I want her to be my MOH as well, but i have one sister. Since my cousin is married, i was thinking of making her my Matron of Honor and my sis the Maid of Honor. Anyone ever do this? Or planning to? What are your thoughts? Not sure what to do here.

Re: MOH times 2?! help!

  • I am doing that!  My sister is my Maid of Honor and my best friend since junior high is my Matron of Honor.  I asked them both if they would mind an arrangement like that before officially asking them to be in the wedding.  I explained that they were both sisters to me in my eyes and that I loved them both and wanted them both to have their own special place in my wedding.  I also explained that I thought it would work out well for them since my sister is a busy single mother of two and my best friend is a mother who lives out of state.  While I told them they are not obligated to help out with the wedding, if they did feel like they wanted to pitch in as Maid/Matron of honor, they could rest easy knowing  that they are not the only one helping out.  They both said they felt honored and wouldn't mind, but every now and then, it seems like my sister feels like part of the "specialness" is gone from her position in the wedding.  I think it ultimately comes down to the personalities of the people you want to invite.  If one of the people needs to feel "special" you may find yourself looking for ways to make her feel that.  For example, I am probably going to let my sister pick out a special accessory or give her a bigger bouquet with a hug and tell her how important she is to me.  Sentimental, symbolic things like that really resonate with her and I think she needs to hear/feel that at this point in her life.  My best friend is my rock and I asked her if she wouldn't mind being my emotional support at the wedding.  She seemed pleased and honored that I would trust her with a request like that.  So, hopefully, each person feels special in her own way because I am so honored to have them in my life and in the wedding.

    Hope that helps! 


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