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Music to walk down the isle

Hi everybody, What are you all having to walk down the isle to and back up once your married? My coordinator sent through a huge list! Are you having more traditional or personalised? Music is one of my struggles currently

Re: Music to walk down the isle

  • We are having the transformation scene from Beauty and the Beast - big Disney fans here :) and then all you need is love by the Beatles going back up the aisle - I'm the Beatles fan out of the two of us!

    So not so traditional, especially going down! I do love the traditional Canon in D though, it's a beautiful piece of music and every now and then I do think is that what I want??
  • Those choices are so lovely and personal! I originally thought I wanted Canon in D but now thinking all you need is love instead. As its a little more upbeat (might help with the tears) and I just love the words.... So simple! I have opinions from other people who keep swaying me!
  • That's what I like about it, it's a bit more upbeat but still has lovely wording. It's such a personal and hard choice!
  • I really wanna dance down the aisle because... well why not? So my groom is having his mom walking down the aisle and figuring out what he wants to play. Not sure if he plans to dance down the aisle. And then I am dancing to "Like a Feather" by Nikka Costa. Kind of an obscure song but it's really personal to me. Plus it'll give me  a reason to dance ;)
  • We're super non-traditional. I'm walking down the aisle to Summertime by My Chemical Romance.

    @adverb, I want video of you dancing down that aisle! Shake that money-maker!
  • We think we want Ellie Goulding How Long Will I Love You as we both like the song :smiley:
  • I walked down to the traditional wedding March but we walked back up to our favorite song - Band of Horses "No One's Gonna Love You (more than I do)"

    That was a cool moment to hear the song playing as we walked back together :)
  • We are using "How Long Will I Love You" by Ellie Goulding as well, but just for the bridesmaids entrance.  I will then be walking down the aisle to "A Thousand Years" by the piano guys and then after the ceremony we will walk back up the aisle together to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. 
  • We're not having music but if we did, I'd go for 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' :D and the Lovely Man would choose John Lennon's 'Imagine'. For info, my stepdaughter & her husband picked the theme tune from the Horse of the Year Show (actually, Mozart's 'Musical Joke') as they're horse lovers.
  • I am walking down the aisle to All I Want is You from the movie Juno. I love the song and want it to be light to start the wedding for me to be calm. 

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  • Jdaigle44 I had thought about "HAPPY" to walk back up the isle to! Simple and to the point but upbeat!
  • Okay, now I'm rethinking my song and thinking about "Right Here" by SWV. I still want something dance-able, which eliminates a lot of stuff. Idk, idk... this is a very important decision!
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    Music was SUPER tough for us as we did not want anything traditional. Our bridal party walked down to a slower version of "Cinema" by Skrillex and I walked down to a remixed version of "Latch" by Disclosure and Sam Smith. 
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  • Piano version of 'Lay your head on my pillow ' by Tony Toni tone
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