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Alternatives to F/D dance

My dad might have to get his left foot amputated prior to my wedding. He has been fighting an infection and injury to it for over a year now and it's looking like it won't be able to be saved.

Walking in general is difficult for him and i would not want to put him through the additional suffering of pain for a dance. It'll be hard enough for him to walk me down he aisle. 

That being said, what are some other alternatives to the traditional father daughter dance? 

He is my step dad but has been in my life for more than half my life. Him and my mom married when i was about 10 or 11 i think. 

Re: Alternatives to F/D dance

  • Just don't have a "father-daughter dance" if it's impractical.  There aren't any "alternatives" because it's not required to begin with.
  • I know it's not required but i know it would mean a lot to him. He never had any kids of his own so i'm his only kid. So that is why i am trying to think of something else that could be just as meaningful as the dance. 
  • I would just write him a heartfelt letter about how much he means to you. That would probably be more meaningful than a dance.
  • Write him a letter or ask him what he'd like to do as an alternative.
  • My father is disabled and cannot walk.  He "walked" my down the aisle in his wheel chair with my nephew pushing him.  The father/daughter dance was very important to him, me being his only daughter.   At the time of my wedding he was able to walk a few steps at a time and stand for short amts of time.  He literally stood for the dance and I basically swayed.  We had the dj cut the song a little short so that he could stand through it all.   I'd suggest talking to you dad, see what he wants to do and would be comfortable with.  Does he use a wheel chair?  If so, can you do the "dance" with him in a wheel chair?  

  • You could just play a song that has special meaning to you both.
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    Could you just stand and sway for the first 20 seconds of the dance and then have everyone else join in?

    Or do nothing. We didn't dance at our wedding because it wasn't allowed at the church.
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