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Time to vent

So I am a 9/3/16 bride. What is wrong with these vendors? They are so eager to get my attention and work with me until I remind them the wedding isn't until 2016 then they mysteriously lose interest in me. I have to hunt them down and the emails stop, calls stop, etc. It is so frustrating. Just because my day isn't right around the corner they treat me like I am not important. Grrr. What is the deal? This process is hard enough being an out of state bride but these vendors make it even harder.

Re: Time to vent

  • I don't know. I experienced a bit of this and those vendors I threw to the side. Our date is actually only a little over a year away now. It's not far out at all for most vendors who book out way in advance.

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  • I got engaged over a year ago, and I knew that when we booked venue and DJ (the only things I booked in 2014 due to popularity) that we were very far out and I thought I would get no attention, but surprisingly both places were super responsive and helpful! 

    If venues don't want to give you the time of day because your wedding date isn't tomorrow they aren't worth your time at all!

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  • I agree. I stopped chasing. If you can't respond then you don't want the business. On to the next!
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