Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Picture Time

How long did it take you guys to take the posed pictures with your husband and families?

Re: Picture Time

  • We took all our family and WP pics before the ceremony, which took an hour and a half. After the wedding (because we didn't do a first look), we did us pics and other random stuff, and that took around an hour. We did simple, low-key poses though, because I didn't want a million posed pics.
  • we also took all of our pictures before the ceremony and they took about 2 1/2 hours to do.
  • We spent about 45 min before the ceremony with the photographer doing the bride and groom pics. The rest of the wedding party joined us and we did those pictures for about 45 min. After the ceremony we did the posed pictures withour family and that took about 45 min.
  • We did all the pics we could do without seeing each other before hand and that took about 2 hours (very laid back).  Afterwards we ran real fast through the family posed pics and had a few with the whole WP and a few just the 2 of us.  The after ceremony posed, WP, and couple pics took a little less than an hour.
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