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MARRIED!! 8.22.15 Pt 3 - Downtown Artistic Floral, Sona Cox/Laura Ulloa, Bell Limo, TuxOne

Downtown Artistic Floral: A+
Cathy Woodfin, the florist, is a freaking genius. I knew I didn't want a typical roses-and-baby's-breath bouquet, but beyond that I only had a vague idea what I did want. Cathy basically read my mind and came up with something that was absolutely perfect. DH was even dreading wearing a boutonniere and ended up LOVING what she made for him. Would recommend to anyone.

Sona Cox and Laura Ulloa (HMUA): A+++
These women are wizards! I hired them to do HMU for myself, my mom, and my MIL and we had lots of fun working with them. Sona's makeup was perfectly on point. I don't wear makeup very often and don't know a lot about it, and she worked patiently with me to come up with a beautiful, classic look and then executed it perfectly. I looked like a movie star! My mom, who does wear full face every day, normally sticks to demure pinks and pastels but let Sona get a little daring and loved the result -- she looked awesome rocking false eyelashes and metallic green eyeliner that matched her dress! As for hairstyles, I'd had a really tough time finding things I liked that would work with my hair (medium length, wavy/frizzy, super thick) and my face shape, and after tearing apart the internet, I had found literally 3 pictures I liked and still wasn't 100% sure about any of them. Laura took one look at them and then took features from all of them and made my hair AWESOME. It stayed put without moving at all for 8+ hours and only started to fall down after an hour of hard dancing -- and it STILL looked good even after it started falling -- AND still looked good the next day after I brushed it out! I couldn't believe it. Even my persnickety MIL loved her hair -- she'd gone to her usual stylist at home for a trial, Laura looked at the pictures from that and made it even better. Outstanding work from both of these ladies!! 

Bell Limousine: B
I know some other brides on here have had some trouble with Bell being late or no-showing. I may have benefited from having a DOC watching over everything, but our rides were fine in that respect. The price was certainly right. Our limo from the Delano to the Mob Museum was on time, pleasant, and comfortable, and stocked in advance with ice-cold water. We hired two small shuttle buses to carry people from the ceremony back to the reception (our group was just barely too big for a standard party bus, but not big enough for one of the giant tour buses), and luckily it was a pretty short ride because the air conditioning was not working too well on either bus. 

TuxOne (used their garment steaming service): A
I could have had the hotel press our clothes, but I've had really bad luck with clothes getting damaged or disappearing in hotel laundries, so I really didn't want to do that. Archel recommended these folks and they were right on point -- I just left my dress and FH's suit at the bell desk, and they steamed them out and whisked them back to the hotel the same day for an extremely reasonable price. Vicki (the owner) was lovely to work with over the phone. TuxOne's main business is renting formalwear (tuxes, suits, wedding dresses, and even bridesmaid dresses!) and I didn't use them for that, but I'm sure they'd be good at that too.

Herbs and Rye (restaurant): A-
Not technically "my" vendor, but one of our guests had a birthday Friday night and everyone went out with him to this restaurant for their happy hour. Do not be fooled by the exterior of the restaurant; they are a real steakhouse, a little on the fancy side. "Happy hour" here means half price steaks, not cheap drinks, although they have a lengthy and top-notch cocktail menu. They were well prepared for our 20-person group -- service was friendly and fast, and they somehow even managed to turn out all 20 dinners at the same time. That said, a lot of people didn't get the steak temperature they asked for -- I asked for medium rare and got medium to well, the guy sitting across from me asked for medium rare and got rare, etc. -- but the meat was so high quality that nobody really minded, and all the side dishes and cocktails were fabulous. Would still go back for dinner sometime.

Last but not least, honorable and dishonorable mentions...

Re: MARRIED!! 8.22.15 Pt 3 - Downtown Artistic Floral, Sona Cox/Laura Ulloa, Bell Limo, TuxOne

  • How much did it run to steam your dress from TuxOne?
  • All put together, it was $75 for my dress and FH's suit and shirt, with pickup and delivery at our hotel. They do adjust the rate based on how complicated the dress is, though, and mine was pretty short and simple. You can send Vicki a link or pictures of your dress, and she'll give you a quote.
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