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MARRIED!! 8.22.15 Pt 4 and Final -- Honorable & Dishonorable Mentions

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Honorable Mentions: Vendors we didn't use, but who were so impressive that we felt they deserved a mention.
Lydia Pierce, Catering Manager at Red Rock Casino -- Was so awesome we wanted to give her money just for being awesome. Completely courteous, incredibly prompt, very detailed, 100% OK with our highly untraditional wedding plans, basically everything you could possibly want in a service professional when we hadn't even paid her a dime. We seriously tried everything we could figure out to make this work, but the suite and the catering minimum alone would have been 100% of our budget. Still, if you've got a $10K+ budget, and you want to do an in-suite wedding in a really jaw-dropping suite and get great food and great service out of the deal, talk to Lydia and I'm 100% sure she'll make it happen.

David Mozes, Bronze Cafe -- After our original caterer fell through, we went looking a second time and really liked these guys for having creative and really delicious-sounding food, and David (their general manager) was just as great as Lydia. In the end we decided we liked the food at Sauced better, but it was a VERY close decision. Note that Bronze Cafe doesn't have a website, but their full menu and contact info is on their Facebook page (and they'll also make off-menu items, including all kinds of meat). 

Dishonorable Mentions: Vendors who were such jerks when I contacted them that we will never use them for anything ever. 
The Cromwell -- We LOVED this hotel and we were all set to book The Cromwell Suite for our reception. I completely get the idea of high roller suites, I do. But if you don't want the hoi polloi asking about one, don't post it on your website with an 800 number to call to book it. If you're going to do that anyway, just say the suite isn't available when I call -- don't make me tell my story to 3 different people, and have the third one tell me the suite doesn't exist and ask if I'm sure I'm calling the right hotel (she did this immediately after I read her the description of the suite off the Cromwell's own website). Might be a dodged bullet anyway, since I read on TripAdvisor that you can hear the bass/noise from the nightclub on the roof all through the hotel until 3 AM.

Andrea Eppolito -- Wrote to her asking about DOC services. She could've just said she didn't offer those services. Instead she wrote back that she'd never heard of such a thing, and then suggested I contact a girl whose website had no portfolio at all and straight up said she's a "former entertainer" who got into wedding planning. She probably has better manners than Andrea does, but let's just say I didn't go with the recommendation.

Freed's -- Took 1 full calendar week to respond to an inquiry via their online form, then sent back a lengthy and borderline verbally abusive email about how our ideas were terrible and they would not make the things we asked for nor anything resembling that, but we could contact them if we were interested in something else. (We were asking for two small cakes with simple designs, nothing crazy AT ALL.) Fwiw other brides on here have said that they are fine by phone, but whoever they have answering their e-mails would probably do better as a prison guard than a cake decorator. 

All in all, we got everything we wanted out of the day and had an amazing time the whole time we were in Vegas! I know this is all super long, but I wanted to make sure to write detailed reviews, so I could help out other brides as much as they and this forum have helped me out!! <3

Re: MARRIED!! 8.22.15 Pt 4 and Final -- Honorable &amp;amp; Dishonorable Mentions

  • Dishonourable mentions to The Cromwell here too. I fell in love with the hotel (hands down a favorite), but there's NO support and NO flexibility from them. I was so disappointed and so frustrated that we're booking with an MLife property. Don't hold your breath if you want to get married there.
  • I can also confirm Freeds sucks for communication in any way other than phone, but we did use them for wedding day and 1st anniv and the cakes were awesome.  We did use one of their prepared options, and flavor combos.  They're just an old company run by old people who don't like that darn technology or change.

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  • I have contacted Andrea in the past as well and she was rude.
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