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Pre-Wedding Party - Destination Wedding + Moving Away

My fiancé and I are in my home state right now and will be throwing a pre-wedding party because our wedding is in Hawaii (where we previously lived) and then we are leaving Hawaii to my fiancé's home state so we will not return to mine until next year probably.

I'm looking for any idea for some activities or order of events for the night. We are having a dinner and DJ but I would like to add some sort of interaction. Would toasts be appropriate for the event? Or should fiancé or I say anything.

Any advise would help, thank you!

Re: Pre-Wedding Party - Destination Wedding + Moving Away

  • I think toasts would be appropriate for a going away-opening-a-new-chapter-party.

    Appropriate times would be before dinner begins, if it's a sit down style, or possibly before dancing begins - if food is more casual stations.  A short toast or two in your honor, and then some words from you and your fiance in honor of friends and family who are celebrating with you, and you will be missing - all appropriate.  

    Best of luck!  
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