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For Sale- Silver Wedding Decor


I am recently married and would love to sell some of my decor to another bride in need for a discount. My colors were light pink and white with silver accents. I did silver Mercury glass when possible.

I have approx 80 Mercury glass votive holders with partially melted white candles inside. You can remove the candles or burn them for more hours. They were supposed to be 12 hour candles and only used a few hours at our wedding.

I have a bright white Mr and Mrs sign with room for a 5x7 picture in the middle.

I have a silver candlebra approximately 2 feet tall.

I have over 60 bubbles container tubes with a heart top for a bubble exit.

I have two silver color candle holders. One is taller and one is shorter.

I can get you exact measurements and amount of items available if you are interested. I'm located in Frisco, TX.

There is another silver decor item in the pictures for sale. I was unsure how to describe it, so I figured a picture was best.

I can send you prices too. My name is Kelly and you can reach me at kel.dillon@yahoo.com.

I would love to get these sold ASAP and help another bride at the same time!!


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