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Nervous about it all coming together.

Tell me how you were nervous in the weeks and days prior to your wedding about how everything was going to come together and on the wedding day it did.

I'm so nervous about the wedding day, everything looking good and not cheap and cohesive.  I'm 6 weeks out and am nervous as all get out!

Re: Nervous about it all coming together.

  • just relax take a deep breath everything will work out.Im sure you will have such a beautiful wedding,dont let the stress of all the litle things get to you just enjoy every second of the planning bc it will be over before you know it.

    ive been married for 8 months and looking back i miss planning so much,every weekend i did something wedding related for almost a yr and now i dont have anything i can do except stare at my wedding album and rem how fun it was planning and how beautiful it all looked when it was put togeather.
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    I will have to practice some breathing exercises. ha!  Thanks guys. :)

  • OMG this was my biggest fear. I used a lot of Dollar Tree stuff and borrowed stuff, so I was absolutely terrified about how cheap and not pulled together it was going to look.

    And YES, I did notice a few mistakes the day of with a few things (like the monogram cards were slipping a little on the hurricanes!), but it's honestly not a big deal. Everyone raved about how cute everything was, and I was happy.

    So I guess the moral of my story is, haha, mistakes probably will happen and something probably will not look super awesome, but at the end of the day, you're not going to care :)
  • I was okay with this until one week before the wedding then I started freaking out about it.  I can tell you, with all the planning us knotties do, it WILL come together.  You just have to trust it, and remember, the day of your wedding you and FI are the main focus for both each other and your guests.  Most people won't remember how many flowers were in the arrangements or if the chairs are the right shade (sounds stupid, but our venue had gold chairs when one of my colors were silver and I almost paid $3000 for rental silver chairs, so glad I didn't).  Just take every moment and enjoy it, it will be one of the best times of your life!
  • I was worried about this too:) On the day of when we were setting up I was amazed at how fantastic everything looked and that was before we had the flowers. When we walked into our venue I was blown away! I forgot to put the votives on the cake table but I didn't even notice until later that night and by then I was so happy I didn't care.

    The day before the wedding and the day of I was so blissed out that it could have looked like crap and I don't think I would have minded. I'm sure everyhting is going to be fantastic!!
  • I'm in the same boat.

    I have 19 days left until my wedding and am worried that my caterer (who has not responded to any of my calls or emails for the last two weeks) is going to pull a No-Show.

    I used a lot of Dollar Store items for our decor and centerpices.  I'm worried that they will look 'cheap' or tacky. 

    We're getting married and having our reception at our own home.  I'm worried that the unfinished projects we have will reflect negatively on us. (We are using drapery to block off unfinished parts of the yard/grass).

    I'm worried that my FFIL will behave badly and get into an argument with my family.
    My FI is white and I'm black.  My FFIL has not been thrilled with us dating let alone getting married.

    I'm worried that some of my family will get drunk and show their 'asses'.

    I just keep reminding myself that at the end of the day, despite whatever disasters there might be (both real and imagined), I will be married to my best friend.  Smile

    Oh...and that we have a kick ass honeymoon to look forward to after we kick all of these people out of our house, LOL!
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