Interested in Cincinnati/Kentucky wedding venue anyone?

Hey guys, so my fiance and I booked for a wedding downtown Covington Kentucky. The venue is all inclusive and beautiful. The ballroom we booked is for 150 guests, buffet dinner, open bar, they even do deco and night of coordinator, I managed to negotiate for a photobooth and ceremony space in a different room but same location at no extra charge. Its for Friday July 1, 2016. And costs $5,500. Problem is we have, well more like my side of the family has been having a lot of deaths that I now have to pay for and help out so we have to cancel or postpone the ceremony. We have already put down $1,500 and at this point would suck to lose that $1,500. So if you know anyone interested in taking over that would be great. We will even give you the 500 as a discount so that we may at least have 1,000 back so not much loss for us. So it will only cost you $5,000 for an all inclusive wedding for 150 guests and if you choose to not have the photobooth or buffet style meal then more room. If interested please contact me on: [email protected]
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