Bridal shower thank you notes

I'm about to start writing thank you notes for my shower gifts and I was wondering: do I just sign my name on the notes, or do I also include FI's name?

Re: Bridal shower thank you notes

  • Just sign your own name.  It was a shower for you.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall
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    I would do just your own. The gifts were for both of you, but if he wasn't at the party, it seems odd for them to come from both of you, I think.
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    Just sign your own name, but if it's an item that'll be used by both of you you can mention your FI in your note (e.g. "Greg and I look forward to using the doodad for whatsit!").

  • I signed about 98% of them with my own name.  I based it on the cards people gave with the gifts.  Most were written just to me, but if someone put both of our names on the gift then I signed FIs name too (only a couple of people did).  I did use "we" instead of "I" in the notes, though (i.e. "We are so excited to use XXX in our apartment; We can't wait to have you at the wedding", etc) since the gifts are for both of us and I felt weird writing them as if everything was just for me.

  • I signed the TY notes from myself but used "we" a lot, as the gifts were for both of us.
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