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Nervous about ceremony.

Anyone else feeling nervous about their ceremony?  There is a bunch of stuff that my fiance and I will be saying to each other.  The officiant is going to be guiding us through.  Does the officiant usually stop every few words to have us repeat?  I know its irrational and it's my anxiety talking, but I am nervous that I will be so worked up, I'll forget what the officiant tells me to say.  

Re: Nervous about ceremony.

  • No, I'm not nervous.  The officiant is there to guide you, so I wouldn't worry about it! Make sure you speak w him before hand and let him know your concerns.
  • I'm mainly nervous because I'm a big crier, and I'm worried I'll be crying too much to say the vows and I'll look like hell because of my makeup being a mess.
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  • To be honest I am most nervous about tripping. haha. I'm wearing converse under my dress because I wear heels maybe once a year and was too worried about not being able to walk properly that I nixed the heels fast. But I am nervous that i'll come around the corner and everyone will be staring at me and i'll trip over my two left feet.

    So plan is to keep eye down until I come around the corner and can lock eyes with FI
  • This is exactly my fear, I'm nervous about crying off my lashes lol

  • Sorry that was supposed to be a reply to Julianna

  • Now that others have mentioned it.  I AM nervous that I'll be crying too much.  Hoping that our first look pictures helps me not be so emotional when I walk down the aisle.  We'll see! My Mom cried at my dress fitting yesterday, so of course I cried too. 
  • I'm really nervous! It's all anyone talks about with me-and it's not helping! lol. I have hired different vendors and I will probably cry if they don't pull through haha. 
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