What to ask florist?

Hi! I'm starting my search for a florist, but I'm lost as to what to expect from the consultation. I don't know much about floral, so I am unsure what I should ask him/her.

I've tried to speak to florists at wedding shows, but because I have no clue what questions I should be asking, all I've gotten was "I'd love to set up a consultation to discuss what you want to do". This obviously hasn't helped me any! I'm hoping that maybe some of you may have some advice that will help me get through a consultation. Thank you!

Re: What to ask florist?

  • Well a good florist will lead the conversation and ask the pertinent questions.

    I would suggest you have the following...
    1) budget
    2) pictures of things that you like
    3) a good idea of colors you are interested in
    4) a list of any "must have" flowers (such as roses, orchids, etc)
    5) a list of areas you would like decorated (ceremony space, centerpieces, cake, etc)
    6) an estimate of numbers for bouquets, bouts, corsages, etc

    But really a consultation is a way for the florist to get an idea of what you like and what you need and to bounce ideas back and forth.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they are dumb.  Also be open to ideas.  These people are professionals so they will know what will look/work the best for your budget and situation.

    Make sure to ask about delivery fees and possible rental fees for things such as columns, urns, centerpiece items, etc that may be used.

  • Plus 1 to everything Maggie said -

    Ask if they have a portfolio you can review of past work, a list of references (ie former brides and grooms you can call), etc.

    I think just building on the delivery fee question - ask what's included if you sign a contract with them. Is there a delivery fee or is it included? Do they handle set up or do you? Are there additional costs for hanging lanterns, or tulle, or whatever. When do they arrive before the ceremony to set up? How much time is typically required for set up (this is important if you have your venue for a limited number of hours).

    My florist asked to see my wedding Pinterest board, and also to have some fabric scraps from my bridesmaids dress color for reference.

  • Thank you both for your input! I knew I'd need to let him/her know my color scheme, so I do have a color swatch for that, and I also have the #s for bouts and bouquets. I would have never thought to ask about set up time or rental fees. I would have probably just assumed that if they were using those things in the set up that they would be included! Again, thank you, both, for your input, I appreciate it!
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    To add on what the others have said...

    Go to Home Depot or any place that has paint swatches and get ones of your colors.  It's a lot easier than having cuts of your fabric.  Granted, if you're getting your maids dresses from a place like David's they sell swatches for $1 each which is another option.  You'll need these swatches for not only your florist, but your cake decorator, etc.

    The delivery and set-up can make/break the budget as will your choices in blooms.  Bring rough ideas along with you but be willing to work with the florist to meet your budget and needs.  Have a budget but be sure to have a little flex built in.  It's easier to add than it is to subtract, so if you have a budget of $2000, say $1500 because then if you go up $300 you're still in budget which is a lot easier than a florist coming in at $2200 when you were firm about the $2000.   

    Regardless of if they've got references, ask to see pictures of their work and how much the designs involved were priced.  That'll go farther!  It's one thing to see a beautiful arrangement they've made, it's another to find out they charged $50 for three roses in a bud vase.  You want a florist whose vision matches yours.  Take some pictures in for "seen and liked" ideas knowing you may need to adjust the blooms to fit your budget.

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