October 2015 Weddings

Last FULL Month!

Welcome to the last full month before your wedding, October 2015ers! How does it feel?!

Re: Last FULL Month!

  • Crazy, amazing, awesome! Before we all know it it'll be October 1 :) 

    Everyone get their invites out? How are people doing with getting RSVPs back?
  • Stressful! I feel like I am on top of things, but then go OMG I have so much left to do! 

    Invitations have been out since last week of July, but we have heard some of our guests never received them! The post office told us that was normal and some people get them late or not at all. You can imagine the words I had for the poor gentleman who told me that. I was not happy and asked if I could search the mail room for misplaced invitations. Luckily it was very understanding relatives and we sent them a backup replacement that I had come up with (no fancy foil, pocketfold, or monogram bellyband...oh well).

    I am getting to the point where I thought things would be a great idea and am saying yup, totally not worth my time or necessary. If it doesn't add a whole ton of value visually it is going by the wayside. I had a dream of a beautiful fabric strip backdrop and unless I become a superhero with crazy sewing powers it just ain't happening. That's ok, it was primarily for pretty photos anyways! 

    We have two children and our oldest just started Kindergarten so we are about to lose our minds with everything right now! 

    I hope you are all able to enjoy the next few weeks :)
  • It feels awesome to know the day is quickly approaching and then it feels crazy like OH EM GEE THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!!!!  I have this weekend dedicated to all my DIYs.  My sister has been helping me like crazy with those, so I am glad to have some help.  

    We are also in the process of getting a house and the closing date keeps moving and gets closer and closer to the day of the wedding.

    But aside from that, I am super excited to be getting married! I've been waiting 17 months for this!
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    Definitely feeling a pinch of stress now that we're down to the wire. We have our 8 week detail appt at the venue this weekend and I think I'll have a better idea of the decorations I want to buy/make. I'm sending out invitations one week from today and then my next order of business is focusing on decorations and centerpieces and flowers --- the three biggest things I have yet to tackle. 

    Lots of things done though. Dress is with seamstress, bridesmaids all have their gowns, FI and groomsmen have their suits and ties, shower thank yous have gone out, rehearsal dinner is booked, hair and makeup booked, menu picked, all vendors met with and booked, wedding bands bought and in our house, honeymoon tickets bought. Oh how I can't wait to honeymoon and relax. :)
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  • I am looking more forward to the honeymoon at this point, but OH am I so close, this 3 day weekend I am going to be a DIY fool, and make 3 tutu dresses, finish my signage, and clean the glassware for the centerpieces, they are dusty from sitting around for a year.. and emergency kits for the bridesmaids..

    we are making all our final payments so that the only thing that needs to be paid for is the make-up artist, and my hairdresser. that will be a big relief! all the vendors have confirmed, and all seems to be going smoothly.. I am sure I am in for a big shock from something..

    we can apply online for the marriage license, then we both have to go pick it up. then make sure all the groomsmen get their tuxes and they fit, have all the pieces. I am hoping that this weekend is the last time I will be super busy with wedding stuff so that I can enjoy the bachelorette party..

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  • Today officially marks ONE MONTH! Our officiant (our friend) is coming over tonight to work on the ceremony with us. SO STOKED!
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  • I finished all my DIY last night!! I am soo happy to have it all done, now I wont know what to do with my self, I have only things that can be done with in a week or two, so i maybe get a little break from planning for the next couple of weeks.. only thing i have planned is Nicely push for RSVP's at least once.. and pick up the marriage license, we are "pre-approved" lol..

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