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Nevada-Las Vegas

Vehicle recommendations and company for 2 hour photo tour?

So I'm going to be doing a photo tour between my ceremony and reception. I'm budgeting 2 hours but I'd like to do it in 1.5 hour and a half if time permits. My wedding is at the MGM. My goal is to get the Bellagio, Paris, the street in between and maaaybe the high roller. This photo tour is probably very similar to what I want to do, just with less Ceasars and more high roller :) http://exceedphotography.com/blog/2014/10/las-vegas-elopement-heather-stewart/

First, what companies do you recommend for transporting a small group of people. I'm thinking it'll just be me, my fiancee, and the photographer - so a sedan should be just fine, right? Should I be worried if I have a dress with a train or should I be okay? Any other advice?


Re: Vehicle recommendations and company for 2 hour photo tour?

  • I would say skip the Linq/High Roller. It takes half an hour to go around and can be easily 20 minutes to get on, not to mention the time just getting to the Linq. 

     You're probably likely to get Paris/Bellagio and Planet Hollywood/Cosmo in the two hours, but not likely all three in an hour and a half. You might be able to shave down 15 minutes or so if you're ultra-organized and have a full photo shoot list organized, but you'll probably need the full 2 hours.

    Sorry girlie. But wedding photos take forever, even without a wedding party.
  • Yeah, definitely do the High Roller another time. The pictures you would take inside would not be that exciting anyway. It is fun to see Vegas from that high up though. If you really want a shot with the Strip in the background, ask your photographer about places s/he recommends.
  • Sorry I guess I should have clarified, I want a picture with the high roller in the background. I don't intend to actually get on it. While that would be cool, I know that's not gonna work in the 2 allotted hours.

    I may opt for the Cosmo interior instead because I know there are some cool shots, but eh.. I really like the High Roller, especially at night.

    Also, any thoughts about sitting in a sedan with my dress and train? Thanks :)
  • Luckily, that particular location is near the front of the strip. Unluckily, its not really near any vehicle stops. If its a must have shot, it can be done, but be prepared to use a good chunk of Paris/Bellagio time getting to and or from it, with that full two hour window. The High Roller is super, super cool, but its awkward to get to, at least when compared to Paris.
  • We were just going to get a sedan as there is only the 2 of us but I too have a massive train on my dress! So not sure if there will be enough room for us 2, the dress and our photographer.

    I really didn't want to get a limo though, I am not a fan of them and think it will be too big of that makes sense!?
  • @mrsptobeinvegas - I had the same thought haha. When's your wedding? Mine is Oct 5 so I guess one person can tell the other who comes first.
  • Ooo yours is coming up nice and soon, are you getting excited? Mine is December 1st :)
  • @mrsptobeinvegas - Yes I'm getting excited. Actually now I'm getting super nervous. I'll have to let you know what I end up doing. I plan to post reviews like others have been :)
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