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Sleeves For Summer Wedding

Hi ladies! I am planning on a wedding for July/August 2016 and last night went dress shopping on a whim because there was a great sale that was ending. I ended up falling in LOVE with Vera Wang lace gown with lace sleeves and bought it. Now I am wondering if this will be too hot for outdoor wedding :/ Has anyone worn sleeves for their summer wedding? 

Re: Sleeves For Summer Wedding

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    Well what is the weather/temperature typically like where you are getting married in July/August? Especially around the time of day that your wedding will take place.  If I were you and this dress is THE dress then I would be rethinking the outdoor wedding and instead having it in doors with AC.

    Personally I would be hot and uncomfortable in a long sleeve dress, even if the sleeves were very lightweight/sheer.

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    Ditto, Maggie.

    I would be hot if it were an outdoor wedding. I would either rethink and move the wedding to inside, buy a different dress, or see if it can be altered to have the sleeves removed.

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    How long of sleeves?  Like, long sleeves?  Then yes it would probably be too hot.  But you could probably alter them to remove them, like emmaaa mentioned, or you could just shorten them so you still get the "look" that the dress was going for.  
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    In 1976, everybody wore sleeves - usually long ones - for their summer weddings.  We survived.
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    CMGragain said:
    In 1976, everybody wore sleeves - usually long ones - for their summer weddings.  We survived.
    Good for you?  Doesn't mean that all those brides weren't hot as shit.  And just because you survived doesn't mean that it was a good idea.

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    I personally would be miserable in a long sleeved dress, regardless of the time of year or if the wedding was inside/outside. But that's just me. I am a very hot-natured person.

    Take into consideration what the weather is typically like in your area at that time of year. Now imagine that the day ends up being the hottest day of summer (whatever that means for your area). There is no guaranteeing that it wouldn't be like that! If it was, would you be comfortable?

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