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Dry Wedding Thoughts and Ideas to make it Fun

edited September 2015 in Colorado

My fiance and I are considering having a dry wedding. I personally don’t like being around alcohol and have had 5 people in my family have DUI’s, along with some short tempered ones that stir up when alcohol is around. I was thinking of doing a cash bar, but I’d feel more comfortable with no alcohol. As for my fiancée he knows that his family likes to drink and party, but understands why I don’t want any alcohol at the wedding at all. We are having a Friday evening wedding next summer and it’s indoors. What are your views on a Dry wedding as well as fun things to or games to play for a dry wedding. 

Re: Dry Wedding Thoughts and Ideas to make it Fun

  • I hope I'm not the first person to reply to your post! Either way, congrats on your engagement! :smile:

    My fiancé and I are getting married this summer too! And we are doing a dry wedding as well!

    He is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for over 2 years now. Having alcohol at our wedding wouldn't be an issue for him per se, but to me, it wouldn't be respectful to him or supportive of our family values. Not only that, but some of our friends and family members have a tendency to go from sober to sloshed in a very small amount of time. I don't want to be anyone's babysitter and I certainly don't want anyone making terrible choices on MY wedding day.

    We have only made our dry wedding announcement to the wedding party so far. They are bummed, but being our closest friends, they completely understand. My thinking is similar to others on this issue: if you can't have fun sober, then just don't come!

    That said, here are the ideas we have come up with for alternatives to drinking:
    - have more unique games during the reception (we are doing horse shoes and life size Jenga!)
    - provide a fun selection of beverages (we are buying a ton of vintage bottled soda and different flavor of lemonade)
    - have your DJ play super fun music so people will be interested in dancing
    - offer exciting dessert options like s'more kits, an ice cream cart or a candy bar
    - creative activities at everyone's table (letters to their future kids, date ideas, etc)

    Don't forget that it's your special day so YOU do what YOU are comfortable with :smiley:
  • Rent a photo booth, I swear the line for that is longer than the line for the bar at weddings I shoot.
  • Lots of games and lots of music to dance to! I went to a dry wedding last summer and all of the above were included... fun drinks and snacks, lawn games, photo booth, and Mad Libs on the table. It was fun!
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