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Photo overload?

So, I must admit that I am in love with my wedding photos and there are just soo many that are artistic and beautiful that I can't help but want to display them.  So, we are planning on displaying them in many different ways.

 I really want to do this but please tell me, will people think we're conceited or give us a strange look if we have all of these photos set up in this way?  

Right now, we've got our guest book which is all pictures of our engagement session sitting out on our coffee table and a digital picture frame which has hundreds of photos from the wedding casually scrolling on a side table.  

Then, in the hallway where the stairs are, I want to get five or six artistic photos enlarged onto canvas in maybe 16x14 size or 8x12 size.  Plus we'll have another even larger framed canvas of us in a standard formal portrait. So, that would be seven canvases in that hallway.  The stairs have walls on both sides and they curve around so there is a ton of wall space and the pictures could be spread out.  Also, you can't see them very well from downstairs unless you go up the stairs.  The photos are all in different locations so they don't really look the same.  

Then in the upstairs hallway, I want to hang our signature frame from the wedding which has our engagement photo plus signatures and messages from every guest.  

In our bedroom, we are planning on getting a large canvas of another artistic picture that perfectly matches our bedroom colors.  It is us in the shadows of an Italian "hallway" with light shining only on the back of my train and us in black and white outline with a light blue wall in the background.  You can't see our faces or much detail on the front of our outfits so if you didn't know better, it could be just art that we got at a store rather than a picture of our wedding.  

We're also getting an album but that will be on a shelf somewhere.  

So, considering all this, if you came to our house would you think we were really conceited for having all of these photos of our wedding?  You probably wouldn't see most of them unless you came upstairs and there is still plenty of hallway wall space for future family pictures.  

Re: Photo overload?

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    It is your house, I say do what you want regardless of what other people think. I have been to plenty of people's house that have had wedding pics all over the walls.

    We are still deciding what photos we would like to get enlarged, and it is not an easy decision. We don't have a house yet, but I am sure that once we do I will definitely be putting some of our wedding pics up in our bedroom. I am just glad that we can always go back and order prints in the future instead of having to decide everything right now.
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    I would try and display wedding photos of the details to mix it up -- like of the flowers, etc. that way it isn't just pictures of just you and your husband. Also adding photos of your family/bridal party will help break it up.
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    I say display as much as you want :)

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    After all is said and done you only have your pictures, so go for it! I think it's great that you have so many that you love.

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    Nothing is permenant, So display what makes you happy. Down the road if your not enjoying it anymore you can take them down.
    As far as people thinking your concedited? Why would you have firends over that would judge that? It's your home! Do what makes you happy.
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