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Hair and Makeup- Alicia Ippoliti Delamotte

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Hi MA brides! Just wanted to give you all the heads up on a local makeup and hair artist, Alicia Ippoliti. My wedding is in 10 days, and she just cancelled on me. 

A few weeks back, she posted on Facebook that she needed help for a wedding on my date in my town. Naturally, I inquired to make sure everything was all set for my wedding, as when I had booked her many many months before she said she had everything all lined up. I  should have trusted my gut at that point and found someone else. Out of complete fear of a disaster the day of, I found someone else to come in and take care of my hair and makeup. I let her know that she'd still be taking care of all 7 bridesmaids, but that we had someone else coming for me. All was good until I started asking more questions. I asked whether there was a price difference for blow outs vs. up-dos, and asked for the names of the assistants that she had lined up (I was still worried that she didn't have anyone  yet so I wanted to make sure everything was set in stone) and at that point things got bad. She accused me of being rude and questioning her professionalism. She tried to back track and say that the Facebook post had nothing to do with my wedding, but it specified my wedding date and wedding location, so it was blatantly my wedding. 

She told me I had offended her by accusing her of not having her ducks in order (I didn't accuse, I merely asked if everything was okay) and then called me rude and unprofessional, along with a slew of other less-than-nice words. She then proceeded to call me cheap because I asked if there was a different rate for just a blow out vs. a style/updo. She claims to work with "high paying clientele" and some of the most expensive vendors on the cape; however, nobody has ever heard of her, and she doesn't even have a portfolio or a website; all she has is a Facebook album. I should have known that there would be issues when there was no trace of her on the internet.

Any who, the point is STAY AWAY from this girl unless you want a complete and utter headache the week before your wedding. 

Other issues:

- She rushed through the trial and didn't include the contouring/airbrushing that was promised in the trial description, but still charged for airbrushing and contouring
- she had low quality makeup
- she never sent a contract and kept making excuses as to why she couldn't get it out
- she filled in my eyebrows to the point that I resembled Frida Kahlo

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