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Timeline adjustments


I've been researching timelines to see when tasks should be completed, but I have a bit of a tricky situation. I'm in grad school, and my work requires me to leave the country from end of May-end of August 2016. For a November 2016 wedding, how does this adjust my timelines? I've got a ceremony/reception venue booked, and they do the catering and cake. I bought my dress, and we are taking engagement photos at the end of the this month. I bought the dress at Davids Bridal and they have given me a timeline for fittings, etc. working around my schedule.


1. Save the dates should be sent out 6-8 months before, so I was planning on doing those in Aprilish. When should I send out invitations/should I send them out before or after I get back, or have them assembled and have someone else drop them in the mail for me while I am gone?

2. When should we book a photographer? (we are doing a separate engagement session, and may/may not us them)

3. DJ, florists, etc.?

4. Registering?

Re: Timeline adjustments

  • 1. Save the dates in April is good. I would send the invitations out when you get back. I think the standard is to send invites out 6 weeks before the wedding so you have plenty of time.

    2. I would book a photographer now if you find one you like. You can definitely get him/her booked by the end of this year. 

    3. DJ, you can also start looking now. I already have my DJ booked and I have a Nov 5th wedding.  For flowers, I was at a wedding expo and a florist recommended visiting their shop in Oct/Nov of this year to see what flowers are in season. I don't know if you can book them a year in advance but you'll at least have an idea of what you want and can easily do that into 2016.

    4. I'm planning on registering later this fall because if family wants to to send a Christmas present then they can buy something off the registry if they want. I'm not going to send out any of the links but I'll have it posted to my website just in case.

    Good luck!
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