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Recommendations for Catering

My fiancé and I are eloping in Las Vegas in December. We want to do something small and casual once we get back (like, "hey we got married let's have a party to celebrate"). Does anyone have any recommendations for super inexpensive catering?

Re: Recommendations for Catering

  • I think you should include more detail, like for how many people and do you want a venue that does catering or just the catering brought to your home or other venue? For my wedding I used Ralph's catering and they did an excellent job. I'm not completely sure of the price because it was a package put together by my planner but I'm sure it was reasonable. All the best!
  • We're definitely looking to keep it as small as possible. My hope is that it doesn't exceed 50 people.

    As far as "venue," that's up in the air too. I'm thinking either at a park or even at our clubhouse in our community.

    I will check into Ralph's and see what they have.
  • If you do a park or a clubhouse you may be able to cater from a local restaurant and save lot. This would be more like food delivery, not traditional catering with staff serving your guests. Most traditional wedding venues require licensed catering with insurance, with what you're decribing you may not need that and could cater in fom a favorite restaurant at a much liower cost.
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