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I just can't decide!

Hey all,

So I'm having trouble deciding what to choose. I'm having a solo violinist come in and do a song for when the wedding party walk in. Now I have three songs in mind.

1) Love Song-311, I really love this song, and I just really love what the lyrics are. I think it's pretty romantic.

2) Use Somebody-Kings of Leon, I like this song. The only reason I'd pick this song is because this is me and fiance's "song". But I do admit, it is an outdated song. And I've heard it so many times. But it's a special song between him and I.

3) Marry Me-Train- Hearing this song on a violin is just gorgeous! I think if I had no other songs in mind, this would be the song for the wedding party to walk to.

Anyways, this is probably silly, but I am super stumped! Any suggestions? My fiance is indifferent and pretty much left it up to me to decide but I just really don't know! What do you think would sounds "prettier" I guess, in a sense?

Re: I just can't decide!

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