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As I see most of you are out of state. I'm from NJ. I know I'll have to get my marriage license in North Carolina, but I wanted to know how people went about doing that if they lived very far away. We are getting married next year, so we have time. It's going to be at an event house in Corolla. 

So how did you go about getting your marriage license? Was the process easier or harder than you thought?

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  • I think it was pretty easy. We arrived on the Sunday before Labor Day and went down to Manteo that Tuesday.
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  • I am also from NJ!  It was pretty easy.  We got married on a Tuesday and went Monday morning to get it.  You can also call the county registrants office down there as they were pretty helpful when we called.
  • Thats awesome! We are also getting married on a Tuesday, and my plan was to go Monday morning as well, but I was afraid if there were a hiccup of some sort we'd be screwed. Also I wasn't sure if you could get it in hand right that day and then use it the very next. 
  • You can pre apply online so all you have to do is go in, pay the $60 and provide your ID & proof of SSN. We went down yesterday as we're getting married at the end of Oct. We used the marriage kiosk on the Dare County website and was in and out in less than 10 min.


  • Hello!

    I am also getting married next year in the OBX. We are renting an event home in the 4x4 area in Carova. I wanted to know the requirement of returning the license to the registrants office.

    Can anyone return it? Or does the officiant have to?
  • Hello:) My brother lives in Carova. Let me know if you have any questions about the area :) Your officiant is the one that will return the license, but it doesn't hurt to ask him/her to confirm.


  • Our close friend is getting ordained and will be marrying us! We were hoping to drop it off on our way home to New York since the drive off the 4x4 area is pretty lengthy.

    The day we leave is a Sunday, so I was hoping that my day of coordinator could drop it off during business hours or drop it in the mail slot etc. 

  • As long as you mail it back it you're fine. We're mailing ours when we return home. An officiant told me she sends hers back in certified mail so it shouldn't be a problem :) 
  • @roxobx Thank you so much for the information! This is great news. Such a relief.
  • Thank you everyone for chiming in. And the question about returning it, GREAT QUESTION. Forgot all about that part. It does seem like an easy thing in North Carolina to get the marriage license. A few friends  in NJ here have so many more restrictions for the licenses, and a 3 day wait period after you get it.
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