Anyone recently married at Stroudsmoor-Woodsgate?

My fiance and I have been looking at Stroudsmoor and absolutely love it! Our only dilemma is we are between Ridgecrest and Woodsgate. We love the ceremony site at Woodsgate but are not thrilled with the back-up location on the bottom floor and also recently learned they are building a pavilion for the "plan B" site with tentative completion date of May 2016.

Without seeing more than a artists rendition of what it will look like we are nervous to sign a contract for this site. Ridgecrest is amazing, but our guest list will probably max out at 150ppl, and their minimum for that site is 175. 

We are planning to be married July 2016 but nervous about the size/aesthetics of Woodsgate alternative ceremony site and wondering if anyone has had any experience with weddings there where the ceremony was held at the alternative location.
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