Rosemont country club beware! ROBBED!!!!

Never hold an event here ever! We had 2-3 coordinators quit during our wedding process. Our wedding tastings was supposedly scheduled and after my out of town in laws came in, it was never in the books. The AC was almost not working the day of our wedding as I broke down a month and then 2 days before our day. We were supposed to have chicken, steak, and pasta and they forgot to cook our entire chicken entree. And lastly and most importantly we WERE ROBBED on our wedding day. That's right, 200-300 dollars cash was stolen from a supposed secure room from our wedding parties purses. They were minimally sorry and did the bare minimum in terms of any correction of what happened. Even when they said they would call us to discuss solving the matter we never heard from them again. I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to use this venue and would caution anyone looking here to steal clear.
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