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Manchester Country Club

Has anyone had their wedding/been to a wedding at Manchester Country Club? I would love any feed back you have! :)

Re: Manchester Country Club

  • Went to a bridal show there a few weeks ago, (11/3/15).  It was really nice.
  • Checked it out as one of our venues.  We didn't decide to book we are getting married in the winter, can't make much use of the beautiful outdoor space.  Pricing was quite steep too, you will need to dig deep into the pockets...but overall a beautiful facility!  
  • I've been to weddings and many events there. I enjoyed them and it was very pretty. My friends that got married there got a deal because they did it on a Thursday near Christmas.  When I looked into it, it was beyond my budget. We got married at Stonebridge CC in Goffstown.  I was able to negotiate a package and did a Sunday Brunch. It was wonderful.


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