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Hi all! I wanted to get a few opinions/suggestions on a really great 10th anniversary dinner or mini-get away. FI and I have been dating for 10 years this Dec, engaged for 2 years, and will be married in May. I know the wedding is our big event and the honeymoon will be our awesome road trip...but I still want to acknowledge our 10 years together. Our anniversary is (cliche enough) New Year's Eve. We have already done the Inner Harbor for New Year's, and he doesn't particularly like the idea of going to Time's Square or a large city-type event. We are both more keep to ourselves and spend a romantic dinner or long weekend just celebrating us type people. Any suggestions in the DE, MD, PA area are welcome!! Thanks in advance :)

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  • Hi! Have you checked New Hope, PA? It's a fun, quaint little place and there are a lot of nice Bed and Breakfast's along with some pretty good restaurants. I'm in Newark and going on the highway it takes about an hour and a half to get there.

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  • I haven't, but sounds cute! I think FI has talked about driving through there on a delivery or two before. I will have to check it out, is it near Longwood Gardens by any chance? Maybe we could do day time walking around the cute little town and then go to the gardens at night if it's close by :)
  • I don't think it's very close by, sorry. It's further north. It's in Bucks County, PA I believe. What's cute is you can walk across a bridge (or drive, there's a portion for both) and you can be in a little town in New Jersey. The B&Bs there are a little cheaper but it's still quaint and right by the water.

    Here's a picture at night that I took on the bridge.

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  • Very cool :) I will definitely be looking into that! Thank you so much for the suggestion! Since I have some time today, I will be opening up a new tab to start looking at some B&Bs etc :)
  • Hey all, just wanted to give an update since all of you gave some pretty cool suggestions!

    Over the weekend, FI and I took a nice scenic ride up into Kennett Square to have dinner at Half Moon, which was very yummy. They have a lot of "different" menu items, mostly wild game like elk, boar, and even kangaroo. Then we headed over to Longwood Gardens to see the Christmas display, and I took about a zillion pictures trying to get used to my brand new camera that is for our honeymoon trip!

    Unfortunately, we weren't able to take a trip anywhere, we found out we are settling on our house next month! So we wanted to celebrate the milestone without breaking the bank before they ding our credit again before everything is final!

    Thank you so much for all the suggestions, we have a list of "To Dos" for future anniversaries/getaways! Hope everyone's holidays were wonderful!
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