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I'm trying to figure out the best time to touch up my hair dye before the wedding. My hair color is a deep red, and usually I don't wash or even wet it for 3 days after I get it colored to minimize rinsing out. I've been red for about a decade so that's what I've found best for my hair.

Anyway, the only problem is, I'm concerned about fading. It looks so great those first few days! (not that it doesn't later, I have an excellent colorist, just when it's at its best I feel). My colorist said I could absolutely get it done Thursday or Friday before the wedding on Saturday, and since I'm taking off from work those days I can schedule it. But I'm concerned about not being able to follow my normal 3-day cycle. What do you think? Do any red or brunette ladies have the same issues after they color (my mom says her blonde doesn't do this)?

Should I get it Thursday and just hope it doesn't rinse too badly on Saturday, or do it the week before? I'm leaning towards the latter but thought I'd get some opinions.


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    I'm one of the few people that red doesn't fade, probably because naturally I have some red in my hair. 

    I would recommend a shampoo specifically for red hair. Your colourist probably can recommend one. Also, a hair mask will help contain the colour. 
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    Just curious is there a reason you can't do it Wednesday that way even though you'd be washing it Saturday you'd still get to wait the 3 days? I loved my hair red but I found that it faded too quickly and I got fed up with that. I find dark brown stays a lot better in mine but I too typically wait 3 days and then wash so I scheduled my apt to be 3 days before. 

    Another idea would be to get it done a week before and ask if your stylist can give you like a touch-up mix that you can do on your own the morning of your wedding so before you wash your hair apply it then rinse it out as they would normally do at the salon.

    As for blonde no it doesn't fade because you are removing the color pigments from your hair so there is nothing to fade. When I was blonde I found that rather than fade my hair would get a  yellowish brassy look to it but that is easily fixed by using a purple shampoo a couple times a week. 
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    If you have the time, I'd vote for getting it done the weekend before just in case you get really busy during the wedding week with other small to-dos. One less thing you'd have to take care of and that way you can still follow your 3-day rinse cycle. I'm sure it'll still look almost brand new 7 days later and that, while we can be overcritical of ourselves sometimes and notice one stray hair, you're guests and anyone else for that matter will think it looks fresh and won't know you got it done a few days early. Also, for a clear piece of mind, in the small chance something went wrong, a week lead time would give you a chance to fix any weird mishaps.
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    Thanks everyone!

    engagedhamstermomKnottie80779227 on getting it done the weekend before, and then ask my colorist for a touch-up mix just in case.

    Knottie80779227  you're absolutely right, no one is going to say "She looked beautiful but her hair is kind of faded...." The closer I get to the wedding the crazier I seem to become!

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