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DH'S EVIL DIRECTOR TURNED IN HIS NOTICE YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!! He brought home a bottle of good bourbon to celebrate.  My grandparents, parents, and my sister and BIL were over, so it was a party.  Also, my grandpa was adorably tipsy last night and it was hilarious. 

Starting drinking at 3pm meant that I was crashed on the couch at 8pm.  

What's up for the weekend?

Tonight: Running around for last minute stuff
Tomorrow: Working and then my dad's party
Sunday: My sister's baby shower


  • This happened yesterday.  Diggers come next week

  • Yay for no more evil director!  Also yay for bourbon, and tipsy grandpas. 

    I'm tired.  DS is finally sleeping well (yay!), but then last night there was a helicopter circling overhead for what seemed like hours.  (I wasn't even sure if it was real or a strange dream.)  It turns out a boy with autism wandered away from his house last night (next neighborhood over from ours), and they were looking for him. Fortunately, he walked back into his backyard this morning, unharmed. 

    Nothing major here this weekend.  I have a work trip Monday night through Tuesday, so I want to get the house straightened up before I go.  Probably check out some stuff locally.  The place we always go for pumpkins (since Wooz was 4 mo. old) doesn't open until October 1, but the place where we pick strawberries in the spring has pumpkins and a corn maze (and funnel cakes, Wooz's fave).  So we may wander over there for some wholesome family fun.  I want to pick up little pumpkins for the front steps, though I would never cheat on our usual farm for the big carving pumpkins.  :)
  • Goodbye, evil director!

    Tonight we have a school carnival and then DH and I are going out to eat for a friend's birthday.

    The rest of the weekend is soccer and baseball.  No big plans.

  • Yay to Evil Directors leaving, decks being demolished and the boy with autism returning home!

    Nothing major here this weekend either.  DH is off tomorrow but has horrible hours today so we might just lay low.
  • As for the weekend- 6let is 7let today.  We're going to dinner tonight and either go karts or Dave and Busters this weekend.

  • I'm not sure.  I don't have anything on my calendar, which more makes me feel like I've forgotten something, rather than having a free weekend.  DH is OOT this weekend.  I've been so sick this past week, I might just huddle on the couch with some hot tea, whiskey, and Netflix.
  • Tonight is my bachelorette party, so please pray for my liver. Jk. Sort of. We are having cocktails at cool place downtown and then going to dinner at the adjoining restaurant. The chef is a friend of mine and she knows we are coming so I'm guessing she's got something fun in the works. We're headed back to a friend's house after dinner and spending the night. Tomorrow morning we are making mimosas and brunch.

    Tomorrow afternoon I'm shooting 2 segments at events going on in town (Greek Holiday and Scotfest). Sunday I'm judging beer. Homebrew, so it could be scary.
  • Oh, and I just remembered, Wooz's Girl Scout meeting is Sunday.  That was a close call.  :O
  • It's hard to eff up home brew and I'd hope the people who are entering their beers have done the appropriate research.  We have home brewed off and on and some batches are better than others, but nothing has been undrinkable. 
  • It's hard to eff up home brew and I'd hope the people who are entering their beers have done the appropriate research.  We have home brewed off and on and some batches are better than others, but nothing has been undrinkable. 

    I judge several local/regional HB competitions a year. You would be shocked at some of the shit I've had to taste. I'm a homebrewer so I agree that it shouldn't be that difficult to not screw it up, but I've seen it get pretty bad. The worst part is that a lot of the beers that I have judged that were terrible, the brewer knew it but entered it to get info on what went wrong. An $8 entry fee and 2 bottles of you swill buys you some insight from the judges on what you did to fuck it up. I try to give my best guess based on the problem as to what caused it (incorrect fermentation temp, sanition issues/infection etc...).

    The worst offenders are usually in the fruit/herb/spice/vegetable categories. Fucking nasty bottled fruit flavorings, and people who do not understand that just because you CAN put something in a beer, does not mean that you SHOULD. Also mead. People make some really shitty mead. Fortunately there are some great examples in there as well, but you have to drink them all. Good, bad, and really ugly.

    I am exhausted. DH got food poisoning yesterday and spent the day at home expelling the contents of his body, which was a pain. DD was up several times last night and because DH was sick, that meant I got each wake-up. Also because DH was sick, I decided to sleep on the couch. We no longer have guest bed, so the couch is the default place if it's too much of a PITA to blow up the air mattress. And now my back hurts. I overslept this morning, so I scrambled to get DS ready for school. Thankfully, DH is feeling better. He was able to bring DD to daycare which would have been impossible for me.

    Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and I can't wait. I need a cut so bad. No other plans- I'm hoping I'll be able to work in getting unpacked in my office. I'd also like to work on getting pictures hung in the house, and the curtains I bought for DD's room.
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