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I need to vent

AHHH! 8 days to go, can't wait! Feeling stressed and annoyed at the moment, gotta remind myself not to sweat the small stuff.
1. We gave our final payment to the venue two weeks ago and I found out yesterday that a friend who RSVP'd yes, can no longer attend, as well as FI's aunt's BF.  SO INCREDIBLY RUDE to drop off a week before the wedding (do not know of a legit reason why). People just don't get it!
2.  I ordered a seating chart off Etsy at the beginning of the week.  She sends me the file, then we have to go to Staples to print it and mount it.  OMG so annoyed that there were SO many errors on the first proof (names spelled incorrectly, wrong table numbers).  I've sent her two emails clearly stating the corrections I need and she still hasn't given me a final version error free.
I know that the seating chart is a really small issue, but it's really annoying me! I wanted to get it printed tomorrow.
OK, sorry, I just had to vent...:)
I know every wedding has "no show's" the day of, but they couldn't have let me know 2 weeks ago, that they couldn't come? Unreal! Anyone else have a similar story?

Re: I need to vent

  • Yes, I personally had 5 people not show up. Every wedding does. It's just how it is. I had people RSVPing up until 2 nights before. It's obnoxious, but it is what it is.
  • Yep, had 7 people not show. 3 never actually told us. I reached out because I was worried about two of them (knew there was possibility of health issue being the reason they weren't there). Annoying to say the least.
  • @lovebeachmusic-7? That's ridiculous! Ugh...I've calmed down a little today, but hopefully there's no more no shows.  One of them I kind of expected...

    Finally got my seating chart back w/o errors and it's currently being printed and mounted at Staples, so that is a relief...
  • I was in your exact place when I was 8 days out. We just got married this past Saturday and it was absolutely perfect! Better than I ever could have imagined. Up until the week of I was an absolute mess...couldn't sleep, barely eating and stressed to the max. 8 days out we received an email from the photography company that they had decided to close their business and would not be shooting our wedding. To say I freaked out would be an understatement. It all ended up working out and we had a great photographer for our wedding but 8 days before I had serious doubts it would all work out. When our wedding week finally arrived I was emotionally numb from the photographer stress the week before. I think this helped me feel fairly relaxed until 2 days before then the stress started picking up again. Once the wedding say finally arrived I was so excited and for the most part calm...I married my best friend and couldn't have asked for a more amazing day! The weather was perfect, all of the vendors pulled through and did a fantastic job, the food was excellent, donuts (instead of cake) were fantastic, dj was beyond awesome to the point words do no justice, the venue was perfect and all of our family and friends had the time of their life!!!

    Take a breather this week and try and relax and get ready to have the time of your life!! I didn't believe it at the time but now I can say this with really will all come together and be the best day ever. No matter what you are still marrying your best friend and that's the most important part! Congratulations and cheers!!!!
  • we had 5 people who RSVP'd yes, not show up day of. I only noticed because 2 of them were already seated at a table of 7 (most tables had 10) at the table right in front of my H and I, so it was pretty glaring to have a table of only 5 people right up front.

    It really didn't affect anything. I was a little disappointed that people didn't show up with no notice, but then again I couldn't blame them for not letting us know either because the last thing I needed the day before and day of was texts from people saying they were't coming. 
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