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Anyone starting to get a little nervous? Like so excited but also when I think about walking down the aisle....butterflies! I feel like it's too early for this!

Also....what are you guys still doing? I feel like I'm in such a lull right now and I just want more wedding stuff to do!

Re: Nervous???

  • I'm not nervous at all. I'm getting excited, especially for my bridal shower in a few weeks and my Bachelorette Party in a month.

    But I think I'm just DONE with the whole wedding stuff. I dread having to get things done, make decisions, etc. I'm not stressed, but I'm just over it. I'll be happy when it is all over.

    We did get our marriage license yesterday. So that's one thing to check off of my list. Hair and Makeup trial is on Wednesday. My next fitting is next Saturday.
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  • Ha. I hear you with the DONE with the wedding stuff. I am also so done with it, and ready for the day to be here already!!

    Enjoy your hair and makeup trial!! I just had mine and am now even more excited for the day to just be here already. :)

    We just picked up our wedding rings (ordered them about 2 months ago), and it was AWESOME to pick them up at the store.

    I have another dress fitting in about 3 weeks. We are working on our welcome bags, and taking dance lessons. We have a meeting with our reception venue this week to go over the layout and do one more walk through.

    I'm not nervous yet, just excited.

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    I've been stressed more than nervous. My fiancé had another hear procedure yesterday and just came home today, then I found out my moms in the hospital.
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  • I am feeling so behind lately! LOL I just finished stuffing our invitations and they will be going in the mail hopefully by the end of the week. I still have to put down my deposits for flowers, photographer, and caterer but thankfully they have all penned me in for our date. The flowers have all been decided and the caterer and menu planned. The photographer was supposed to have the check in the mail 3 weeks ago but the post office lost it so we are resubmitting it. Blah! I still have to make an appointment with a hair stylist! I feel like I never have time to do stuff because I work so late and everything is closed up.
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