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My wedding planning process has been relatively stress-free, until last week, when my grandpa's cancer took a turn for the worse. My grandpa has been one of my #1 fans from day 1... he's been to every big game, performance, graduation... everything important in my life, he's been there. I can't stand to lose him, and I feel guilty for being sad that this is happening right before my wedding. I never pictured this day without him. We're two weeks and two days out, and my grandpa will most likely pass before then. I feel such a rollercoaster of emotions... I'm happy that I'm getting married, but I'm sad that I'm losing one of my biggest supporters in my life. I'm not ready to lose him.

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    I'm so sorry for the potential loss of your grandfather, especially this close to the wedding.
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    That's a really tough situation, I'm sorry this is happening now! There are no words to help heal, just know everything happens for a reason and your wedding will still be beautiful!
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    I'm sorry you have to go through this, but just be glad he gets to know you are getting married, include him in the final planning stages and be sure to get whatever time you can in with him, if you are able to make sure to take a picture with him so you can have one with you at the wedding.  I'm sure it will make him feel special and make you feel better that day.  
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