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New Jersey

Thoughts on Stone House of Stirling Ridge?

Hi all -

Looking for some up to date reviews of the Stone House of Stirling Ridge. I absolutely love the place and the decor (it has a rustic but elegant feel to it). It is a little on the pricey side - and i just want to make sure I get my  money's worth. Any reviews on the food? Would you say they are skimpy on the food or is there plenty to go around? I am big on cocktail hour and would like my guest to gave plenty to choice from.

HELP!! I need to decide ASAP!

Re: Thoughts on Stone House of Stirling Ridge?

  • I heard the food is just okay.. though I haven't been to a wedding there. I did however eat at the restaurant twice, both times meals were nothing special.
  • I went to a wedding there. The food was not the amount of some places like the Venetian, Westmount, ect. but I thought there was definitely more than enough and I thought it was great. The cocktail hour had plenty (idk if the bride and groom added extra?) and also high quality- for example fresh carved prosciutto and parmigiano and an amazing greek food display. Again, not the over the top amount of some of the other Jersey places, but definitely not skimpy and good quality.
  • thank you ! this was helpful. 
  • I looked at Stone House because my sister was in a wedding there and loved it. She said the food was pretty good and a lot of it. That wedding had an extended cocktail hour where they just did stations and everyone seemed to enjoy it. But yeah it is very expensive there, so that is what kind of turned me away from it! 
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