October 2016 Weddings

October 2016 wedding

Hi! My name is Erin and I am getting married 10/15/16! Just wanted to start a board to see where people are in the planning process and get ideas from others :)

Re: October 2016 wedding

  • Hi Erin! Congratulations! My fiancee, Kevin and I, are getting married 10/8/16. We're all over the map in the planning process....LOL. But we have the venue, the DJ, the photobooth and my dress. Still trying to figure out the bridesmaids dresses and colors. It's driving me crazy but we still have a while. 
    How's your planning going?

  • We have already booked our venue,which uses their own caterer and DJ, I ordered my dress last month, and I just booked a makeup person yesterday.By the time we got engaged, all the dates for 2015 had been booked so we had to go into 2016 which I didn't mind :) Everybody at my workplace and my friends think im booking everything too far in advance but in the end I think it'll save a lot of stress. Happy to see others are in the same phases of planning that I am!

  • Congrats, ladies!

    Erin, my fiance and I are getting married on the same day as you are! All we have so far is the colors, wedding party, venue, DJ, and officiant. Two of my friends went nuts and started yelling at me yesterday, saying that I need to start dress shopping right now, and I"m glad to hear other people are booking things early too! Fiance and his family think I'm crazy and should wait until next year, but that will be way too stressful! I've been told October's becoming more and more popular, so we need to book early to make sure we get the vendors we want!
  • Another 10/15/2016 bride checking in. So far we've booked the venue/ceremony site which includes caterer and open bar, etc. I've also picked my colors and bridal party. Yesterday we met with a group that provides DJ, emcee, photographer and videographer.

  • Everything fills up so quickly! I'm getting married around Louisville, KY at a winery and when I booked my makeup artist, she said she already had two October dates for next year booked. I guess getting married in a bigger city makes a huge difference! Engagement photos are in two weeks and then everything will start coming together pretty quickly im sure. I have colors picked out but im not exactly set on those colors yet.

  • I'm also a 10/15/16 bride (it'll be our 6 year anniversary) in Louisville, KY.
    I have ceremony & reception venue, which includes catering/bar service. I bought my dress this past weekend. We've booked a photographer, and I'm currently researching DJs. A friend will be our officiant. Working on a menu now, which has been the only stressful thing so far. But we still have plenty of time for things to get crazy!
  • I'm looking for Photobooth rentals in the Louisville area now. It's really hard to book stuff there when I'm not from that area. Any insight on good vendors in that area would be helpful!!!
  • 10/29/16 is our date!  Venue/Ceremony site is booked.  Let the planning begin!
  • Good luck with your planning :) It's gonna get crazy fast!!!!
  • Hello, 
    I'm Coral. My fiance, Jedidiah, and I are getting married 10/3/16. We have venue booked and just made last of payments on it today. We live in Pennsylvania but are getting married in Florida. I am making a trip down to FL, leaving Friday, so I can start meeting with vendors start booking everything. I have dress picked out but haven't bought it yet. I have colors chosen and trying to pick out bridesmaids dresses. If anyone is located near Daytona beach Florida or has any experience with any vendors there suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    And congratulations to everyone that's planning their wedding now!

  • Also if anyone is in Florida or Pa and needs photographer, my mother is a photographer and she lives in PA but has a house in Florida she spends a lot of time at. Reasonable prices and great pics! If anyone is interested let me know and I can Get you info!
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