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Hi guys, I'm getting married in Vegas next year. There's only the two of us and his parents so I just wanted a few yummy cupcakes for after our wedding dinner (Tao restaurant, yummy!) Can people recommend a good bakery or shop where I can pick up some great red velvet cupcakes? Thanks
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  • @vegasgroom , any suggestions?
    There is a whole Vegas board...definitely worth checking out.
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  • Hi OP, I moved this to the local Vegas board. Good luck!
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    I'm not sure of a good place to just get two cupcakes; most of the reviews we see on the board for cupcakes are for people who have cupcakes in lieu of a formal wedding cake at their wedding.  Gimme Some Sugar is pretty popular, and their bake shop sells individual cupcakes, but you probably don't want to do a 40 minute round trip just for that lol.

    I would guess you probably have a high likelihood of finding cupcakes in the Forum Shoppes (aka the Caesars mall) but other than that, only other option I can think of is Sin City Cupcakes who will deliver for a $5 fee to most of the strip resorts:

    If you see any references to Cupcakery at Monte Carlo, Sweet Surrender at Palazzo or Sugar Factory at Paris, unfortunately they're all closed.  Might check Bellagio too; there is a place in there with a chocolate fountain, like a 20 foot tall chocolate fountain, so they may have cupcakes with all the other deserts.

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  • Las Vegas Custom Cakes, Drago Sisters, Peridot Sweets, and Gimme Some Sugar all do cupcakes and mini cakes, and have been well reviewed.

    Can vouch that the Jean-Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio is delicious and I know they do wedding cakes, but I can't remember if they do cupcakes.
  • We had Sin City Cupcakes on our last trip.  They were super moist and the frosting was great, but they were strangely flavorless other than that.  Like, all the flavors tasted mostly like vanilla or yellow cake. I tried strawberry daiquiri, caramel apple martini and a lemon drop - all essentially tasted the same as the vanilla raspberry one.

    What resort are you staying at? Most have a sweet shop nearby.  Carlo's Bakery at Venetian has cupcakes, Jean-Philippe Patisserie has locations at Aria and Bellagio and they have amazing desserts.

  • Thanks all, I'm in mgm grand x
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  • I am having Showboy Bakery do Red Velvet cupcakes for my wedding in November.  My reception is going to be at the Border Grill at the Forum Shops.  I'll post a review about them after :-)
  • @KatCtoKatA - Hmm.. thanks for the comment about Sin City. We are doing them for our meet & greet, but we are leaning more towards the chocolate flavors.

    So are you saying the cupcakes didn't have any alcohol flavor at all?
  • If you're looking for the world's best cupcakes, Jean Philippe, as mentioned by @KatCtoKatA. You can pick them up in advance from one of the strip locations and just devour them post-ceremony.

    There's also Sparkles at the Linq on the Promenade. They even have a "Cupcake ATM."
  • adverb said:
    @KatCtoKatA - Hmm.. thanks for the comment about Sin City. We are doing them for our meet & greet, but we are leaning more towards the chocolate flavors.

    So are you saying the cupcakes didn't have any alcohol flavor at all?

    They had a little alcohol flavor, but more of a vodka-y flavorless-ness.  It's hard to explain, but think you get a little of the bite of alcohol, but no distinguishable "this is rum" or "this is whiskey" type flavor.  It was the cake itself that wasn't distinguishable.  So, for example, I would expect the chocolate peanut butter option to taste essentially the same as the chocolate merlot or the chocolate martini.  The chocolate was distinguishable from the vanilla, but other than that difference, we couldn't tell much apart between all the flavors we tried.  The frosting tasted like a good thick creamcheesy frosting, not too sweet and not a huge pile.  The fillings all tasted like nothing more than vanilla pudding, regardless of what flavor it was supposed to be. Carmel? pudding. Raspberry? pudding. Orange? same pudding.

  • We ordered ours through Retro Bakery, which was absolutely amazing; however, I think they only deliver larger orders.

    I second Jean-Phillipe if they have cupcakes. Everything else there is wonderful!

  • We are using Drago Sisters. Did tasting. All were amazing. And the owner was wonderful.
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