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Flower Garland Table Runner Price!!!

edited September 2015 in Flowers

I was wondering if any brides here used a flower garland as a table runner or if anyone got quoted for one. I was wondering what the price range for these are. Anyone can tell me? Thanks!

I attached a picture so you could know what I'm talking about :)

Re: Flower Garland Table Runner Price!!!

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    That is gorgeous! I didn't have a table garland, but I did have a garland for the stairwell in the venue. Looks like your garland may be all flowers and mine wasn't so the cost could be more....but my florist quoted mine at $100.

    Here's a photo.


  • My florist quoted me at about $100 for a garland table runner. I ended up making my own out of faux flowers for a fraction of the cost and I don't have to worry about them wilting. If you are looking to save the cost, visit your local craft store and they can help you with options if you want some other ideas/price points!
  • Hi! I had a similar idea and was wondering the same thing.  Did you go forward with this idea? 
  • NovakNovak member
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