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Obviously when planning an outdoor ceremony you have a backup plan, but I hate ours. It's looking like a rainy week in Massachusetts and I am so bummed. If we can't have our ceremony outside, our only option is to have it under the tent and guests will be seated at their tables.

That would mean the beautiful lanterns and other ceremony decor I purchased probably won't be used. Things and signs that I put lots of effort into won't nlbe needed. No bubbles during our recessional. No corn hole. No sparkler exit. No outdoor first look at a place that's meaningful to us or any outdoor photos for that matter. A waste of money that we spent to shuttle our wedding party to the photo site.

I know millions of brides experience this. I'm not the only New England rain bride this weekend. I'm being a whiny baby. I just need to get it out so my friends and family don't have to hear me all day every day this week. I'm just going to have a pity party for one the next few days lol.

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