Wedding Woes


How are you?! 

Are you watching all the Bravo shows?  Did you watch Southern Charm??  :) 


  • I'm good! I thought I'd pop in and say hi while doing some work at home.

    I'm catching up on NY Housewives and I haven't watched Southern Charm. Should I be?

    I'm also now addicted  to old episodes of Roseanne on Netflix. I'm not sure if that's a positive thing.

    What did you think of who won BB? I was just so happy to see Vanessa go it didn't matter to me at all who actually won.
  • Steve won BB.  Southern Charm is just rich people.  It's a mix of young and old, but they all act the same. 

    RHoNYC actually ended up being a decent season.  Except for Luann being an ass consistently. But she did have the best line of the season. 
  • YAY work at home!  Are you doing the no-pants-dance?  ;) 
  • I'll check out SC.

    I'm right at the part where Carol and Dorinda are going to London to get Anthony's ashes. Luann has been pretty much an ass, but the "just be cool. Don't be all like uncool" line is amazing. I use it on the boys,

    I have pants on, but they're the pants I wore to the gym hours ago because I can't get it together. Let's see if I can get a shower in before I have to get Baby A at 3.
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