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Overwhelmed with 2nd wedding

It's our 2nd marriage and the wedding is next summer.  I wanted an intimate affair with immediate family only (or even elope) but he is a huge family man and wants everyone in.  I'm ok with that I guess because I love his family & understand, but we are now planning for 100 people.  It's all about budgeting now - I refuse to get a 2nd mortgage for this.  We are big country fans and wanted this to be a more country/comfortable affair, not formal.  But it IS still it is a wedding so I do want it to look nice, not like a backyard square dance.

The hall is bare - we have to decorate everything.  Linens, any uplighting, all color coordination, everything from soup to nuts.  Going to a private location more than doubles the cost which is why we are doing it this way but now I am TOTALLY overwhelmed.  

The wedding party is small - I have 2 girls (he has 2 guys) and my girls are wearing cherry red short dresses.  I honestly don't want red all over the place - how can I incorporate a pretty country feel to the tables without dousing everything in red?  We're open to creative and fun ideas too.  The hall has tables to fit 8 and the chairs are really ugly banquet stack chairs - even covers don't fit well but I will make it work somehow - I just don't know how.

I haven't even chosen flowers yet but I love sunflowers and think they will go wonderful with the dresses and hydrangeas take up a lot of space which is a good way to keep cost down, but I don't think they are exactly the prettiest flower.  UGH any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Re: Overwhelmed with 2nd wedding

  • Not sure I am much help, but been to several county weddings. I think the sunflowers will be fine. They were at one wedding were very pretty. How about using burlap ribbon on the chairs to decorate? Mason jars for the flowers for center pieces are an inexpensive vase. And sounds wierd but kitty litter in bottom looks like sand and weighs them down enough to be stable. Ribbons around top finish them off. 
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