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Furlough Wednesday


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  • @CocoBellaF urg government :( hopefully you don't lose pay!

    @GoldenPenguin BABY GOLDEN!! Def needs snuggles ;)

    @buddysmom80 don't worry, dentists suck


    I forgot to mention yesterday that on Monday night - while waiting for Matt to pick me up after my course - I was crouched down and leaning against a brick wall. My shoe felt weird, so I went to adjust it. Felt something furry. Uhm ...
    Slowly stood up and moved my foot slowly away.
    Baby mouse!!
    I'm not scared of mice, but I was not anticipating a tiny field mouse to be hanging out in the back of my shoe lol I did jump when I saw it scamper away.

    Last night didn't do much. Made a stirfry and luckily have enough left over for when I get home tonight for dinner. Recently discovered that my jeans aren't fitting quite well, so I need to keep an eye on what I'm eating. I've sadly be having a lot of sandwiches, which doesn't help my case.
    Matt really wanted to get "The Martian" novel {new Matt Damon movie, I wasn't aware it was based on a book ...} and sadly he bribed me with Starbucks and it worked. Toasted Graham Latte guys ....
    We swung by Matt's parents to give them a sample of 2 teas his step-dad was eyeing on Sunday, plus some steeping sacks. {english breakfast and earl grey de la creme} I think they'll end up ordering some later in October lol
    Ran into Matt's brother and friends {who are 7yrs younger than me} and we ended up giving them a ride somewhere. Wow ... def made me feel old lol! Just the way they were speaking. Matt's brother started asking about the teas and stuff. Maybe he'll buy too lol

    Tonight is my course. Matt's going to a football game tomorrow and I have some groceries and studying to do.
    I don't like being back at school :(
  • @jenna8984 we will be there on the 17th and 18th! And I'd LOVE to g2g, but we may not have a lot of time. If a G2G does happen I'll definitely see if he would mind me ducking out for a little bit if we don't have anything going on :)
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    @caseface5 That sounds like a lot of "bring your own ish" "cover your own arse" garbage for a wedding weekend. And a shower the DAY BEFORE a wedding? What's the point? What a mess. And, it's never too early to start vacation drinking.

    @MissKittyDanger I would have been a combination of terrified and excited to see a mouse in or around my shoe. Terrified thinking "WHAT IS THAT?" and excited thinking "Awww widdle baby mouse!"


    Work has been a pain this week. I thought I had a bunch of stuff that had to be turned in Monday, but instead it's been dragging out. The Director keeps having me make changes to my reports that I honestly think don't matter, or she keeps asking me for information/work papers because my other coworkers don't have them. I was supposed to go on the road today for an audit and I likely won't be able to because I have to wait on other people to file their junk. Sigh.

    Last night BF and I went to our fave place in town, a kind of hole in the wall sports bar with awesome food. It's where we met, it's where we hang out on most weekends, and we know everyone that works there. Had an appetizer of hottzarela sticks, which are spicy cheese sticks, and I can't stop thinking about them. Yummm.


  • @jenna8984 I should clarify, my heel slipped out of my shoe. But yes. In my shoe while I wore my shoe :|

    @wink0erin that's basically what I did :') I kinda made a weird noise, which made me grateful it was night and not many around XD
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    @CocoBellaF - Government shut-downs are BS. This one is even stupider than the last one over the ACA. Just do your fucking job, people!

    @caseface5 - I'll nominate you for sainthood if no one else does. I think you need at least one other.

    @cu97tiger - Yes, pin the sangria recipe and then come on here and link it because I WANT!

    @untouchablets - I'll add a few more to the list: Sinister, Babadook, Saw, The Omen, Orphan (which was just okay, but had its moments)


    Our friends should be out of our house when we get home today. I'm sad that I probably won't see them for a while now, but I'm really excited to have the house to ourselves for the first time in almost two weeks. I want to be a bum, but unfortunately I still have more to unpack, laundry to fold, lots of shit to pick up (because we were all slobs the last few days), and make a BA dinner and deal with the aftermath of that.

    So in summation, tonight I will go home, immediately get into pjs, make dinner, then sit on my ass and leave the dishes until tomorrow.

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    Bad news. My sweet potential Golden puppy has apparently already been adopted :( I had the Humane Society website open to her profile, and when I went back to the main page, she was already gone. I'm actually sad. 


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  • Bad news. My sweet potential Golden puppy has apparently already been adopted :( I had the Humane Society website open to her profile, and when I went back to the main page, she was already gone. I'm actually sad. 
    Oh no!!

    Sad Baby animated GIF

    Sad Cartoons animated GIF

    I'm glad she got adopted but sad for you that it wasn't by you.  :(  Hugs.
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    SOOOO late to the party...
    Well last night was....a pain in the ass to say the least. H's dad (right as he was leaving on a two week cruise - and I mean literally when H dropped his parents off at the airport) says to us, "hey, my truck is at the shop getting fixed. Can you pick it up when it's done?" Uhhh...ok. So last night it was ready and h and I drove 30 minutes to the place to pick it up, another 20 minutes to drop it off at the in laws house, and another 25 minutes back home. So besides working out and eating dinner, that was pretty much our night. H DID make BLTs for dinner though.
    Today I am home sick...well, I think it's more exhaustion than anything. I just needed a day to catch up. I'm thinking of going and buying stuff to make a fall wreath for our front door!

    @Cocobellaf - That sucks. Hope it's the lesser of the evils for you.
    @swazzle I LOVE that color. Go for it!
    @caseface5 - Good luck with all that craziness! i hope you enjoy your time in Texas though!
    @buddysmom80 - Totally agree about this week draaaaaaaging...
    @Peaseblossom55 - Isn't it so nice to not have that test looming over you?!
    @Goldenpenguin - I'm sorry, but glad she found a home. How could she not with that precious face??
    @untouchablets - You just got me really excited for fall too. I love the movie idea! H and I are planning on going shopping this weekend for Halloween decorations and I'm probably more excited than I should be, lol
    @TwoDimes - Ha! That's funny.
    @cu97tiger - Wow, that's such a pain. But the sangria should help!!!
    @speakeasy14 - Good luck today!
    @jenna8984 - Good job with upping your contribution. I probably need to do the same.
    @MissKittyDanger - I was interested in that book too. And I've been dying to try that Starbucks drink (with a shot of chocolate so it tastes like a s'more!)
    @wink0erin - Those cheese sticks sounds awesome!
    @minskat30 - You are kicking butt on the workouts. You ladies have inspired me to be better!
    @AlPacina - Sounds like a great night to me!
    @eilis1228 - Drink lots of fluids and vitamin C!

    I meant to say this in my previous post, but I am VERY happy that she found a home. Our Humane Society has had a fairly low number of dogs the last few months, which makes me happy. I usually check their page regularly, but I hadn't in a couple weeks, so I don't even know how long she'd been there. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. 


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    beachyone15[Deleted User]minskat30labro
  • @beachyone15 not study is really really nice!

    @goldenpenguin boo sorry the puppy was gone. 


  • @beachyone15 Try it without the extra shot first :) you may not want it ;) Once he finishes the book I'll let you know what he thinks! Apparently book vs movie is very accurate!
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    P&R ladies but just wanted to SQUEEEEEE for @eilis1228 being one month away!!! WOO!!!!
  • It's Wednesday.  We have a meeting at the end of the day to discuss furlough guidance.  Management is feeling confident that we'll have a government shut-down, so yeah...  I will find out today if I have to stay home and not get paid, work and not get paid, or work and not get paid but maybe get paid retroactively.  FUN STUFF.

    What's going on with everyone today?

    Wow - this really surprises me.  The big cheeses where I work are really expecting Congress will pass a CR that funds through Dec 11th.  I will say in all my years of gov't work I've never seen them not pay the people that got furloughed, it just takes a little while.
  • @kmmssg - That is reassuring!  I guess we'll see.  I'm planning my week as if everything is normal. 
  • @cocobellaF - I'd be lying if I didn't say I wish I could have my own private 3 day shutdown.  I was on the road for over a week and my house needs some serious love.  I don't want to affect anyone else's finances, but a couple of days would be cool - just in my world.
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    @kmmssg - ME TOO.  Maybe we can make it a 2-person shut down.  My life needs some TLC because it is all over the place!!


    Looks like it could go either way based on the vote this afternoon.  But even then, it's just going to come around again in December... before the holidays.  COME ON, let's just get this together people!
  • @swazzle Yay for getting your hair done today, I am too. The color and style you picked out is very pretty. I'm doing blonde and violet like normal. Thank goodness my job doesn't care what color your hair is.

    @caseface5 A Monday wedding? Seriously?! Ugh, just ugh.

    @goldenpenguin Awww, I'm sorry you didn't get the puppy. She is so cute.


    Work.. ugh.. Every time the end of the month rolls around its like shit hits the fan and everyone goes crazy. Don't even get me started on the end/beginning of the fiscal year.

    Dinners have gotten creative this past week, and will for awhile, since FI got out of the hospital. He has this whole list of things he can't eat (ie. wheat, dairy, corn, sugar, etc.)

    I'm so excited for October and Halloween. But this year, FI and I won't be doing anything :( He needs to start getting better. We had plans for the Zombie Pub Crawl and then going to our favorite bar for Halloween, but that was before FI got sick. But I'm looking forward to the movies and such.

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  • @peaseblossom55 what a lovely idea! I've never heard of it, is it strictly American?
  • @misskittydanger I believe it is available for mothers all over the world.


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    @beachyone15 boo, hope you had a nice day off and you feel better tomorrow!

    @peaseblossom55 that sounds so sweet, I'm stoked that you were able to order one!

    @chellejayne I'm an accountant so I feel you on the month end. There was a controller meeting and apparently they said I'm the only site that has a perfect close! Every other location is late, has errors, has to re-do things, ect. This made me feel super special since I'm the sole accountant here so all the success really is mine! Hope your H is doing better being home.



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    @bethsmiles -


    Also, why the hell is this day not over yet?

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