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We are getting married in Mendocino next June, June 25th to be exact, and need help with a start time.  We are getting married on a bluff followed by our reception (same location) in a text.  We are thinking 4/5 for start time but would like some feedback from other Northern CA brides.  Ceremony will be short (20 mins) followed by cocktails and then dinner... so is 4 too early or should we bump it to 5?  What do you think about mid hour times?


Re: Start Time

  • if you start earlier, you can party for a longer amount of time?... i know with my venue in california- music needs to be off by an exact time or they'll get fined.  
  • I'm also having my wedding in California, Woodland (near Sacramento). And I am also thinking about starting at 4. Here, outside music needs to end by 10pm. BUT if it's an inside reception then it shouldn't be a problem at all. Our reception will be inside and we'll have it until 12am and we're hiring a DJ. But ask the venue that you are using because everyplace can be different.
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