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Here is the accountability thread!

Use it daily to help hold yourself and others accountable on The Knot while enjoying your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

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Re: Accountability Thread

  • Thanks!

    I guess I'll start.  My eating:  Not so great. I know I have to brush up on that.  Portion sizes have been good for me, however.

    Workouts:  Proud to say I've done 1 hour of some sort of water class every day but Saturday (most have been fluid running).  I plan to go again tonight even though the Cubs and Blackhawks both start at 7 tonight (class is 7:30) and I can only DVR one.

  • Being in the last two months of my pregnancy, working out has become more a chore than something I look forward to doing.

    I have been able to eat clean for the most part, just like I did pre-pregnancy.  I have given into my indulges a little bit too much the past few weeks so I want to try to clean that up a little bit.

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  • My eating is also my issue. I work out with a trainer 2x/week but need to go out and walk! 38 days and counting
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  • If any of you are still in need of an accountability partner I would love to help! I'm a new mom getting back into shape and we could help each other :) Hopefully together we can accomplish our goals :) PM me and maybe we can get a system in place to make our goals a reality :)
  • My eating has also been the struggle. I am pretty good about working out, though. My wedding will fall shortly after the holidays, which is always a pitfall, so I am trying my best to be as healthy as I can now! Do you girls follow any specific diet, or just general healthy eating? 
  • I just try to eat as clean as possible and not eat any processed foods, but if I have a craving, I eat it this way I don't over indulge.  

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  • I am doing the biggest loser at my work.  The prize is 400 bucks which will go towards a wedding dress if I win.  I am down 11 pounds in 29 days.   I would love to have an accountability partner if anyone is interested.  I cut out processed carbs from my diet during the week with a mini splurge on the weekends.
  • I'm vegan (I lost 70 pounds that way during my freshman year of college) and now I'm hovering at 128, so the last couple of weeks I have cut out white starches, and I just decided to cut out fried foods (usually my downfall). Weekends are always the hardest time for me to stay on track! How often do you guys eat? I've been trying 6 200 calorie meals these last few days and it has been really helpful in keeping up my energy all day and preventing overeating at night. 
  • I'm a fairly competitive person, and I've been telling myself I would try to lose the weight for the wedding (and the years afterward) well in advance so I'm not stressing myself out with it too close to the big day. I've been telling myself this for two months to no avail, and over Thanksgiving I actually managed to gain two pounds (FMIL bought four boxes of vegan donuts... I hadn't had a donut in so long... I probably ate 3 of the 4 boxes ). I think I will be way more accountable and driven with this if I have somebody to lose it with and set goals with. I am not likely to take up any exercise beyond my current twice a week dance classes and weekly yoga, so cardio will not be how I'm losing this lol. I'm currently 128 pounds and 5'4, if that makes a difference. 

    About how much time does it take to lose 8-10 pounds healthily with mostly dieting? I would estimate 2 months would be a healthy amount of time. Does anybody want to try to lose 8-10 pounds in two months with me? Ideally messaging back and forth with progress, recipes and accountability in general. Thanks! :) 
  • I started using the LoseIt! app in July, and I've lost 17 pounds so far. The app is free, and it's the only thing that has worked for me. You just type in your info and gives you an allotted amount of calories a day. The best part is you can just scan your food in if it has a barcode, which is great for me because I'm lazy. I also didn't want to give up the foods I love. I just wanted to portion it down. I have 13 more pounds to lose until I reach my goal, and I'm confident that I'll be able to make it.
  • This... I NEED THIS! haha

    I used to use MyFitnessPal. I love it. It's hard for me to track right now due to the fact circumstances really kind of suck for good eating and exercise, plus I have no access to a scale or anything to make any kind of measurements.

    I do know that I've gone from almost 170 and a size 14 in February to just over 140, and as of today a size 8 in bridal. I'm not worried about the size - just the weight (I'm dropping in size, but the weight seems to just be shifting around...) I need to get back into yoga and dance, I just hate having an "audience."
  • Forget what the scale says!! It's all about how you feel!! I never check my weight anymore...if my jeans fit..i'm good to go :) I started a weightloss system a few months ago that has helped me gain lean muscle which, I'm sure you know, is heavier than fat, but I feel awesome and everything fits :) 
  • Happy new year everyone!! I'm about 122 pounds now (I'm 5'3" on my drivers license but honestly I might be half an inch shy of that), and looking to lose 15 pounds before the big day (still 14 months away). Please PM me if you'd like to be weight loss buddies/partners! Doesn't matter if you have similar stats as long as you're determined, positive, and communicative.

    My biggest downfall is alcohol calories, so if that resonated with any of you that would be particularly awesome :)
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