November 2015 Weddings

November is only a month away!!!

I am honestly PUMPED!! I'm so ready for the big day to be here already.

What are you most excited / most bummed about?

I'm most excited to see all of our friends and family that are coming into town for us. It's so meaningful that they are traveling to be here with us on our upcoming wedding day. :) I'm also really excited to finally call my FI, my H. :D

The only thing I'm bummed about, is that I have been trying to lose weight for the wedding. My job is so stressful, and I think that really impacts my weight. I am down about 15 pounds (yea!), but it's not as much as I was hoping for..I was hoping to be down about 25-30 pounds at the time of the wedding. At least the 15 pounds is something, and I realize that there is still more time before the wedding to lose weight. And of course, I'll continue the weight loss journey post-wedding!!


Re: November is only a month away!!!

  • I'm so excited too!!! Almost all our RSVPs are in (only waiting on 4!) and my next fitting is next weekend!

    I am so excited for the readings at the ceremony (sounds lame but both our best friends are doing one and it means a lot to us), the food LOL, and my 100 year old grandfather making it to the reception! Also can't wait to see my mom's outfit, she's having it custom made!

    I'm not really bummed about anything, so far we've had a couple small issues but nothing major and it's all been figured out. I'm sure something is bound to come up, though I will keep fingers crossed for smooth sailing!

    I am positive you look AWESOME and 15 pounds is so impressive!! Stress definitely messes with weight loss. Just focus on how happy this day is! You are going to look gorgeous!

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    I'm ready for it to get here. I have about 12 RSVPs back for a total of 29 yeses. Still have a bunch out but most are saying they will be there. Go for another fitting on the 10th. Bachelorette party at Painting with a Twist on the 24th. I'm really stressed because my mom is still in the hospital in NY and she's getting depressed and talking about not wanting to wake up in the morning and everyone's problems will be gone.
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  • @Denise40, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom, and hope that she is okay. That sounds like a lot for you to deal with right now. Is she attending your wedding?

    I hope you enjoy your BP, and your dressing fitting!!

  • @Denise40 My Bachelorette Party is also on the 24th, going overnight to the 25th. We are going to San Francisco for the night, going to Dance Follies for a couple of hours, a nice dinner, the bar hopping followed by brunch the next morning. I'm so excited!

    I'm sorry to hear about your mother--I hope things take an upturn for her soon, both physically and emotionally.

    My bridal shower is next weekend! My bridesmaid offered to throw it at her house, and it will be HAwaii.tiki themed since we will be honeymooning in Hawaii. Finally, some fun stuff starts to happen!
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  • OMG can't believe we are 1 month away today! After 100 days it seemed to slow down but now time is flying by! With work/school during the week and busy bees on the weekends, I feel like it is going to fly by!
  • My wedding is in a month and 11 days and we are receiving RSVPs and have about 1/3 of them returned. The exciting part is we received our first GIFT! We very unexpectedly received a gift from my fiance's brother which was a gift we threw on the registry for one of those "what the hell" gifts we never expected to receive! Thank you note will be going out as soon as he gets home and we write it.
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  • I have my final fitting on Sunday and if everything is good I'm taking my dress home! THAT'S insane to me! Also confirming flowers and doing a walkthrough of the venue with our photographers in the next 2 weeks...everything is happening so fast now!

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