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Taking pics while dress shopping

If you want to take pictures of the dresses you are trying on (what bride doesn't want to?) Fanatasia Bridal in Rocky Point and Bridal Suite in Centereach let you take pictures without a problem. Paradise Bridal in Patchogue won't allow you to take pictures.

 I will say that Margie at Paradise Bridal was very nice and let us take pictures, but half way through my appt two other staff members came into the room and told her to tell us to stop taking pictures. I understand why they don't want pics being taken but if they want to make a sale they should let the brides take pictures.

I was also turned off because they pushed me into making an appt for Sunday to come back and buy the dress I liked, even though I told them I had an appt the next day somewhere else to look at more dresses. I found a dress I loved the next day at Bridal Suite so I cancelled the appointment.
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